Syllabi and Course Approvals

If you do not upload a syllabus for each course approval request submitted, this will result in a delay in the approval process. The more information the home department has, the easier it will be to review the course approval request.

In XCAT, you have the ability to search for previously approved courses. Even though courses may have been approved in previous years, you cannot use precedents of other students because policies, equivalencies, and course content may change each semester. Therefore it is important to upload a syllabus for each course you are interested in taking.

Approving Courses: Summer vs. Academic Year

In XCAT, when requesting approval for your courses for the fall or spring semester, be sure to select “study abroad” as the credit type. If you are studying abroad during the summer, however, you must select “credit away” as the credit type. Summer study abroad courses, if approved, will only be displayed on the Penn transcript as external transfer credit – you will not receive any formal grade for the course.

Updating Your Profile

When you are abroad, once classes have begun, it is important to update your XCAT profile. If you change courses while abroad, you should obtain immediate approval for those newly enrolled courses in XCAT – do not wait until your return to the States to get the proper approvals. This will only lead to a longer delay in getting your grades posted.


*Please note: Credit will not be granted for The Green Program (TGP) study abroad.