Steps to Study Abroad

Steps Prior to Departure Details
1. Freshman or Sophomore Year Decide to study abroad.
2. Visit Penn Global’s Penn Abroad Website.
3. Select several programs that are of interest. Review online program brochures to choose program. Which programs are approved and which ones require petition?
4. Complete online pre-advising questionnaire. Instructions are included in the Penn Abroad 101 session.
5. Schedule appointment with home department to determine academic eligibility and course choices for satisfying major requirements.

** Study abroad eligibility requirements include a minimum 3.0 cumulative average in addition to a minimum 3.0 average every semester.

You can meet with your home department’s undergraduate chair, study abroad faculty advisor or coordinator. Since it is an exploratory conversation, be prepared to discuss specific programs / courses that can satisfy your major requirements.

*** See department contacts ***

6. Schedule an appointment with Penn Abroad Program Manager.
7. Once you select the program you want to apply to, notify the Penn Abroad Program Manager you met – he/she will open an application for you. Once an application is opened, you can access it by visiting the Penn Abroad homepage. Click on the Access your Application button which will prompt you to log in with your PennKey and password.  As you complete the application, keep in mind specific deadlines and requirements.
8. Meet with Sonya Gwak, Director of Student Life and Undergraduate Education, to complete the online Academic Approval form on Penn Abroad application. To make an appointment, email Sonya Gwak.

Please note: this step should occur before your application deadline but after you meet with your home department.

9. Submit all course approval requests via XCAT. The department to which the request is routed will decide whether or not to approve the course(s).

As you complete this step, be sure to meet again with your home department to discuss course offerings abroad and how they count toward your degree requirements.

Be sure to upload a syllabus for every course for which you are requesting approval. This way, the department has enough information to make an informed decision regarding course approvals.
10. Complete all items specified in application. Take note that you must complete a second application to the host university in addition to the Penn Abroad application. The second application can be found in the Penn Abroad application system under the Materials tab. Check your applicant homepage and Penn email account on a regular basis for reminders and updates from Penn Abroad. Your official acceptance to your program will be delivered via email.